southampton hockey league

2019-2020 rules & regulations

Game Play

Games are played 3 v 3 with a goalie for each team. Consist of (3) periods, each 15 minutes long. Clock will stop during the last 4 minutes of the third period if the deficit in the game is less than 4 goals. Clock will run during the rest of the game, unless a penalty is called or otherwise designated by the official. Each team is granted (1) one minute timeout, which can be used at any point during the game, including overtime. There are no off-sides or icings.


All minor penalties will result in a 1 minute, 3 v 2 power play for the opposing team. All major penalties will result in a 5 minute 3 v 2 power play for the opposing team. There can never be larger than a 2-man advantage. Fighting will result in a game misconduct and is subject to league suspension. A team will be assessed a minor penalty to start the game if any player does not have correct league jersey.

Standings/Tie Breakers

Southampton Hockey League will now use olympic style league standings. A regulation win is worth 3PTS. Overtime win is worth 2PTS. Overtime/Shootout loss is worth 1PT. Regulation loss is worth 0PTS. 

Tie breakers for positioning:

1. Head to head

2. Goal differential

3. Goals against

4. Goals for

5. Lesser team penalty minutes


Overtime will be played 2 V 2 for 3 minutes, running time. If no goals are scored in overtime, game will then go into a sudden death shootout.